Work at the Brownfield and the State Superfund areas have been progressing under NYSDEC and NYSDOH oversight.

Both RITC and Honeywell developed Citizen Participation Plans, which outline how the public will be, and has been, kept informed and allowed to participate in the Project. In addition to the Citizen Participation Plans, RITC and Honeywell have voluntarily participated in the Tonawanda Community Working Group, formed by the Town of Tonawanda to help disseminate project information. RITC has hosted numerous onsite tours for interested members of the community. The document repository has grown to 13 volumes.

Daily air quality data is provided to the NYSDOH in accordance with the Community Air Monitoring Plan. The work is being conducted in accordance with the Health and Safety Plan and all surface water is managed and monitored in accordance with a NYSDEC approved Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan.

Remedial Investigation Reports have been submitted for both the BCP and State Superfund Sites. Those reports are included in the document repositories, DECInfolocator, and on this website.

A Draft Alternatives Analysis Report has been submitted for the BCP. Following a completeness review by NYSDEC and NYSDOH it will be released for formal public comment. The report is available for a preliminary review on this website. Feasibility Studies and Feasibility Study reports are being prepared for the State Superfund Site.

Following the formal public comment period, the Alternatives Analysis Report will be finalized and NYSDEC will release a Decision Document on the remedial action to be implemented to complete the BCP site remediation.